Photos from July 8th; Oakland Protests Oscar Grant Verdict

Some photos from tonight’s protests in Downtown Oakland. Stay tuned for more coverage.

Oakland Says Guilty Banner. 14th and Broadway

14th and Broadway -- "Oakland says GUILTY"

Police Line up at 12th and Broadway in Downtown Oakland

The Oakland Police and CHP were out in numbers and early.

Sound Cannon

I am pretty sure this is a sound-cannon. Dellums said there wouldn't be any.

A News-reporter holds a shoe

I reported on the Oscar Grant protests and all I got was this one shoe.

Parked Cop Cars, Downtown Oakland

Parked CHP cars, downtown

Shadow in police light

A boarded-up wall is illuminated by the lights of a CHP cruiser.

Cops Lineup in Front of Oscar Grant Mural

Cops lineup in front of an Oscar Grant mural on 17th and Telegraph.

Trash Burns on Broadway

A trashcan burns on Broadway at 17th.

Photographers snap pics of burning trash

Tomorrow's front page photos.


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